Exceedingly Rare Scotoharpes spasskii Russian Trilobite
In Free Standing Pose

Name: Scotoharpes spasskii

Class Trilobita; Trilobites Order Harpetida; Family Harpididae

Geological Time: Middle Ordovician, Asery Horizon

Size: 40 mm long

Fossil Site: St. Petersburg Russia, Wolchow River Region

A well-inflated example of a dramatic member of the Harpetida, this is Scotoharpes spasskii. The creamy Calcite exoskeleton is complemented by the white limestone matrix. The Harpetida is the newest Order of trilobites, only recently having been erected. This one displays the fine pitted cephalic ring (the cephalon itself is 35 by 32 mm) diagnostic of many members. The trilobite has been prepared with the edges of the winglike genals nearly free of matrix, with only a small amount of matrix left as a protective shield.

This trilobite is exceedling rare, with about one per year complete specimens discovered; usually, only the cephalon is found.

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