Megistaspis triangularis Unusual Russian Lower Ordovician Trilobite

Name: Megistaspis triangularis Russian trilobites (Order Asaphida)

Age: Lower Ordovician

Size: inches (25.4mm=1 inch): 95 mm long by 50 mm wide on a 165 by 125 mm matrix.

Location: Wolchovian Horizon of the Wolchow River region near Saint Petersburg, Russia

Megistaspis triangularisDescription: A well-inflated example of an ancient member of the Asaphidae, this is Megistaspis triangularis. It is easy to see the derivation of the species name from the triangular, fusiform shape of this particular example of the genus. One of some 20 members of the genus, notice the distinguishing pygidial spine, reminiscent of the younger genus Huntonia from the Devonian of Oklahoma. It is thought that the low profile allowed the trilobite to conceal itself just below the surface of the seafloor.

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Megistaspis triangularis

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