Illaenus taurikornis Russian Trilobite

Name: Illaenus taurikornis

Trilobite Order Corynexochida

Geologic Time : Ordovician

Fossil Site: 71 mm

Location: Asery level, St. Petersburg region, Wolchow river, Russia

The morphology of Illaenus was being repeated throughout the world's vast Ordovician shallows, despite the lack of anything but perhaps ancient ancestral lineage (perhaps pre-Cambrian). This phenomena, known as homoeomorphy, enabled trilobites to assume close appearance owing to their independent adaptation in similar environments. The Illaenus form (some call the tank), is highly convex. Because of homoeomorphy, they are found on every continent. Of the 16 described species of the Illaenus family coming from the St. Petersburg, Russia region (Wolchow river) Illaenus taurikornis shown here is rare and exotic. This awesome specimen is highly 3D, and the nasty genal spines are free from matrix and swept back in a threatening angle, ostensibly providing a sharp surprise to a would-be predator with the trilobite enrolled.

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