Eocene Robber Fly and Cranefly Insect Fossils

Name: Fossil Insects

Order: Diptera; Cranefly Family: Tipulidae; Robber Fly: Family Asilidae

Geological Time: Eocene

Size: Crane Fly: 10 mm long body, 11 mm long wings. Robber Fly; 11 mm long body 7 mm long wings Matrix: 80 mm by 66 mm.

Fossil Site: Green River Shale, Uintah County, Utah

The Green River Formation deposits of Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah are best known for their immaculately-preserved fish, but other examples are known as well, as this specimen attests. An exceptionally-preserved pair of members of the Diptera, with venation in the wings evident, despite its 50 million year age, this is a world-class example of the type of preservation found in the Green River fossil site.

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