Rare Phasmida (walking stick) in Amber

Phasmida (walking stick) in Fossil Amber

Class Insecta, Superorder Exopterygota, Order Phasmatodea

Geologic Time: Pleistocene to Pliocene

Size: Amber is 79 by 55 mm; 44.4 grams

Fossil Site: Andes Mountains in Colombia

Extremely Rare Phasmida in AmberThe central inclusion is the illusive (how many have you seen in the wild lately) and stealthy (did you look right at it and not see it) Phasmida, a.k.a., walking stick. Rare they are in nature and hence in amber. The stealthy walking stick is not alone. The fossil resin tomb is shared by a flying Isopteran, 5 Dipterans, and a tiny spider.

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Extremely Rare Phasmida in Amber

Extremely Rare Phasmida in Amber

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