Agaricocrinus Crawfordsville Crinoid Fossil

Agaricocrinus americanus

Family Coelocrinidae

Geologic Time: Lower Mississippian, Osagean Stage (~ 345 million years ago)

Size: Agaricocrinus crown is 35 mm long by 35 mm wide

Fossil Site: Crawfordsville, Indiana Crinoids

Agaricocrinus americanusDescription: This is a well-preserved example of the Crawfordsville crinoid known as Agaricocrinus americanus of Family Coelocrinidae. The Agaricocrinus is exceptionally well preserved in remarkeble three-dimensional relief, Also note the fine pinnulation that it needed to filter food from the water column. Crinoids disintegrate shortly after death, making fossilization of fine details as seen here a rare event.

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Agaricocrinus americanus



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