Homotelus florencevillensis Trilobite from Ordovician Iowa

Name: Homotelus florencevillensis (Trilobites)

Class Trilobita; Order Asaphida; Family Asaphidae; Subfamily Isotelinae

Geological time: Upper Ordovician

Size: 75 mm long by 47 mm wide on a 128 mm by 100 mm matrix

Fossil Site: Clayton County, Iowa

Homotelus florencevillensisHomotelus florencevillensis is an Asaphid trilobite (Order: Asaphida; Family: Asaphidae Subfamily: Isotelinae) coming from the Ordovician Maquoketa Formation dolomitic shale strata of Clayton County, Iowa. This is a prone example of the type; most are found either incomplete or enrolled, making this a most uncommon example. It has affinities with both Isotelus and Anataphrus.

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