Fossil Amber with Rare Fire Beetle Inclusion

Name: Insects in fossil amber; Coleoptera: Scotylidae and Pyrochroidae

Age: Pliocene to Pleistocene

Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Amber 50 mm long , 33 mm across, 7.9 grams

Location: Andean Uplift Region, Andes Mountains, Colombia

Description: This clear plaque of amber displays insect inclusions that represent the most numerous of Orders: the Coleoptera (beetles). There are two different types of beetles present; the smaller examples are member of the Bark Beetles (Scotylidae). Modern day examples create galleries under the bark of trees, hence their common name. The larger beetle is commonly known as the Fire Beetle, or Fire-Colored Beetle, a member of the Family Pyrochroidae. Extant examples are quite uncommon, and are found on flowers or other vegetation. Note the pectinate antennae.

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