Dominican Amber with Spectacular Weevil Inclusion

Fossil Amber with Weevil

Class Insecta, Order Coleoptera, Family Curculionidae (Weevil)

Geological Time: Oligocene - Miocene

Size: Amber: 12 mm long , 10 mm across , 0.7 grams

Fossil Site: Region near Santiago, Dominican Republic

Fossil Amber WeevilDescription: The population geneticist JBS Haldane is quoted as having said that the Creator must have had an “inordinate fondness for beetles” as he created so many of them. Indeed, some estimates state that there are more species of beetles than of all other animals extant. Of those, nearly half are weevils. This one is of the Subfamily Apioninae, or “snout beetles”, a name easily derived from the long rostrum of this specimen. The mouthparts are at the end of the snout, and are eminently suited to probing plant tissue while feeding. Notice the incredible detail in this exceptional specimen.

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