Giganotosaurus Dinosaur


Phylum Chordata, Class Sauropsida, Superorder Dinosauria, Order Saurischia, Suborder Theropoda, Family Carcharodontosauridae, Subfamily Giganotosaurinae

Geological Time: Late Cretaceous, Tithonian stage (~93 to 89 million years ago)

Size: more than 40 feet long with a more than six foot lond skull

Stratigraphy: Argentina, including the Rio Limay Formation of Patagonia, southern Argentina

Giganotosaurus DinosaurGiganotosaurus means "giant southern lizard". As a genus of carcharodontosaurid dinosaur, it ranks as one of the largest known terrestrial carnivores. Giganotosaurus was larger than Tyrannosaurus, but smaller than Spinosaurus. Fossils are known from Argentina.

Coria RA & Salgado L (1995). A new giant carnivorous dinosaur from the Cretaceous of Patagonia. Nature 377: 225-226.

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