Huge Annelid Cambrian Predator Worm Fossil

Name: Utah Cambrian Explosion Fossils: undecribed annelid worm part and counterpart, Soft-bodied animal

Age: Middle Cambrian

Size: Worm is 24mm wide by 83mm long on 120mm X 160mm matrix and 24mm X 83mm on 80mm X 125mm matrix

Location: Marjum Formation, Millard County, Utah

This is the largest worm I've seen from Utah. It's well preserved with the gut trace and segments clearly visible. The specimen is missing a little sliver along the front edge and is repaired. In my experience, undoubtedly due to poor preservation, all worms are rare in the Marjum and Wheeler formations.

The annelids are worms are also found in the Burgess Shale, and were adorned with a head with a pair or tentacles and body covered with bristles. The Annelids and believed to have been carnivorous and to have both swam or crawled for locomotion. Canadia, a genus from the Burgess Shale, varies from 1 to 2 inches in length.

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