From the first dawn of life, all organic beings are found to resemble each other in descending degrees, so they can be classed in groups under groups.

Charles Darwin, Origin of Species, Chapter 13


Ephemeroptera: mayfly Odonata: dragonfly; damselflyBlattodea: cockroach
Mantodea: mantidIsoptera: termitePlecoptera: stonefly
Orthoptera: grasshoppers; crickets; katydidsDermaptera: earwigPhasmida: walking stick; walking leaf
Psocoptera: Book and bark liceHemiptera: true bugsHomoptera: Cicada; aphid; plant hopper; leaf hopper; spittlebugs; scale insects; mealy bugs
Coleoptera: beetles Neuroptera: Lacewing; antlion; snakefly Hymenoptera: ant; bee; wasp; sawfly
Mecoptera: scorpian fly Siphonoptera: fleaDiptera: fly; mosquito; gnat
Trichoptera: caddis flyLepidoptera: butterfly; moth