Stunning Eocene Bird Fossil
from Green River Formation

Name: Gallinuloides sp. (undescribed)

Age: Lower Eocene

Size: mm (25.4mm=1 inch): 5 inches long (head to toe) & 3 inches wide (across wings) on matrix 12 inches by 8 inches (at bottom) & 6 inches (at top)

Location: Green River Formation, Private Quarry, F1 Locality, 18-Inch Layer, Lincoln County, Wyoming

Exquisite, rare and stunning are but a few of the adjectives to attribute to this undescribed Gallinuloides sp. bird fossil from the famous Green River Formation. Furthermore, there is nothing clandestine about its ownership, as it originates from a private quarry in Wyoming. While fish fossils from Green River are ubiquitous, bird fossils are exceedingly rare.


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