Pseudoplatyurus Russian trilobite with ventral Asaphus trilobite

Name: Pseudoplatyurus with ventral-prepared Asaphus

Age: Ordovician

Size: mm (25.4mm=1 inch): Psudoplatyurus is 63 mm & ventral Asaphus is 80 mm on 200 x 110 matirx

Location: Asery level, St. Petersburg region, Wolchow river, Russia

This fine specimen is truly worthy of a fine museum. The Pseudoplatyurus is among the rarest of Russian trilobites. Compared to the also hard-to-find Platyurus, it has markedly longer genal spines. This specimen is large for the species and is well preserved. Sharing the shale is a ventrally (underside) prepared Asaphus, with the hypostome (mouth part) fully free standing. An exquisite fossil piece by any measure.

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Source: Uncle Darwin's Trilobites